Wineberries? Have you ever heard of them?

イビガライチゴ  (ibigaraichigo // Latin: rubus phoenicolasius)

It is a raspberry that is native to Japan, Korea, and China. When it is fully ripe, it is a deep red like a red wine.  After doing some online research, I saw that they are popular in the UK and eastern US. It is almost considered native in the eastern US.

Also from my research, I learned that the “black berries” I picked while growing up were not black berries. They were a type of raspberry that is black.  I think wineberries have a similar taste to black raspberries.

From the berries that I picked, Joy made some muffins. Actually, the muffins turned out to be really good. I guess, it is a good thing that I picked so many that we froze a lot of the berries.

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