Surprise Surgery

About to go into surgery. I wanted one more picture of me and him while he was my only .

Wednesday turned out to be a very interesting day. As I was walking to the store I started to have cramps/contractions. A hospital is next to my store so I decided to go in and have them help me get to my hospital. They called a taxi for me. I got to my hospital and they checked me and baby looked fine and there was no contractions just horrible pain. They admitted me and sent me to the maternity ward since I am so far along. The doctor wanted to do a MRI but I couldn’t handle laying there because I was in so much pain. They next did an ultrasound. They discovered a 5cm cyst on my right Fallopian tube. The doctor discussed that I would need to have surgery. After some more medicine they tried a MRI again but I still was in way too much pain. After that the doctor talk to Orrin and I about me having surgery that night and that the baby would most likely be born because he covers my ovary. It was pretty scary since he would have been exactly 5 weeks early and would have gone to the NICU right away to check him out.

Next the anesthesiologist came and talked to me about my epidural. Fortunately for me he spoke great English and was able to talk me through everything. Getting the epidural was the most terrifying thing for me since I hate needles and one going into my spine is my worst nightmare.

They get me prepped for surgery and wheel me in. I first got the epidural of course and to me that seemed to take forever. After that it was surgery time. The epi made me sick but they gave me meds. The awesome anesthesiologist stood at my head and talked to me. I was really tired but I was determined to stay awake so that I could hopefully see my son before they took him away. There was a pediatrician in the room waiting for him. Who knows how long into the surgery when he told me that they didn’t have to take the baby to do the surgery. After that I let myself go to sleep and I didn’t wake up until the end of the surgery. Everyone was super nice and were really comforting. The main anesthesiologist was standing next to me and she held my hand the whole time. All the other nurses were constantly checking on me when I was awake. They definitely made me feel a lot better with all that was going on.

After surgery the doctor went out and talked to Orrin while they got me ready to be wheeled back to my room. It was very nice to be able to see my Orrins after surgery. When I got back to my room they got me set up and told me the next day I could sit up and finally drink some water. Sleeping that night was hard because I was very uncomfortable but it was nice that the feeling was coming back to my legs because that was pretty freaky feeling.

The next day I was doing good so they let me sit up and drink. I finally got to eat at dinner time. I even got to get out of bed so I could go see Orrin and Orrin. Next post will be about my week stay.

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