Starting over

So, I’m starting this blog over, but it was by choice.

I didn’t have backups of my site and more importantly importantly the database. Just the other week, I noticed the site wasn’t working. I don’t know how long it was like that. Digging around I found that I couldn’t access the database, that is basically where the blog info was. My hosting company, Little Oak, did something that allowed me to access it but it was no longer there and they didn’t have a copy either. Well that stinks.

Also, at this time my service with Little Oak was about to run out, so I wasn’t going to renew with them. I was getting really upset with how unhelpful they were during the whole process. And that the database would just disappear?! So, I switched to HostGator for better or worse and decided to start this whole thing again.

I really am kinda upset that all my posts from the past 5 years and from my time studying abroad is now gone. Yes, I should of had a backup, but still. Maybe I will be able to recover some stuff, but not very hopeful of that.

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