Small Local Festival [OLD]

Nov. 09th, 2015

 Here are three small local [Maizuru] festivals that we went to this past summer.
  • Agedaimatsu (揚松明) — At this festival young men throw torches to a 16 meter high straw cauldron (lack of a better word). This is a festival for rain. Maybe it has some sort of folklore with something to do with a giant snake.


  • Yoshiwara-no-Mandoro (吉原の万灯籠) — This festival is to pray for maritime safety and bountiful fishing. Men rotate and hold up a 14 meter torch in the river. They pull it into the river, light it up, lift it, and spin it all in the river.


  • Jizobon (地蔵盆) — This is a festival for children. Jizo (Ksitigarbha) Bodhisattva is the guardian of children. This festival happens at the end of Obon, a time when ancestors come back to the world, and the lanterns are leading the spirits back to the spirit world.
*note* My information about Obon/Jizobon may be completely incorrect. I am not an expert on Japanese religion, Shinto & Buddhism.

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