Samurai Procession [OLD]

 November 3rd, 2015

Samurai procession

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 November 3rd in Japan is Culture Day (文化の日, Bunka no Hi). So, what is no better way to celebrate Japanese culture than to dress us as a samurai.

A friend invited me and someone else to participate in this event. We had to meet at his house at 6:30am. After meeting, we went to the local shrine and community meeting hall and changed. Everything had to go on a certain order and I couldn’t remember what it was. So, I had decided that I must not use the restroom later…

Once we were all dressed and respectable, we left for the main shrine, Asashiro Shrine, and waited there with everyone else until 8:30am. At one point I was given two swords to carry. Then one was taken, then I got another, and finally both were taken from me minutes before I left. Yeah, there was some real confusion there. Oh, I haven’t mentioned the shoes yet. We were tabi socks, remember I wore tabi shoes for the Ogase, and special shoes. The largest shoe was still too small for my 30cm feet.

At about 8:30am we marched off. We were just walking in the streets having a procession, yeah no biggie. It was rather interesting. We walked all around and made many stops. Finally, we made our way to Minazuki Shrine. Here we had a break where we could drink sake and eat chikuwa and kamaboko. I met a graduated student who was also in the procession. He graduated within my first year in Japan.

Once we left the shrine we continued to walk and ended up at Tanabe Castle at around 12 noon. There was a small ceremony here. At this point I needed to use the restroom so badly and therefore I didn’t retie my outfit properly. However, this was the end for us and we returned to the small community meeting room and changed back into our normal clothes.

So, for the morning of Nov. 3rd, 2015 I and my friend, we were respected samurais in Maizuru. Pretty cool, yeah?


All photos here


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