Photo Contest

The other day I was doing a internet search for Iida autumn light up and I came across a poster of a temple (shrine?) in Iida with a light up from a few years ago. So, I searched for that temple light up and found this.  Joy, Orrie, and I made a trip out to see it the autumn leave lit up. I took some photos.

So, the deadline for the contest the temple (shrine?) was having was Nov. 19th. I made managed to get my photo printed, not sure if I printed the correct size, and took it to the temple. I had figured I would just place it in the post box, but that wasn’t as easy to find. There was a group inside and a man came out for fresh air and he noticed me and watched me for a few moments. Finally he came to me and I told him that I had a photo for the contest. He wasn’t getting what I was saying and then finally it clicked and he brought me inside.


While inside he was telling me that I needed to write my name on the picture and I was trying to tell him that I had already done that. This gets another guys attention and he finds out I was submitting a photo for the contest. This new guy invites me into the dinning area and offers me some sake. Tells me to sit down and immediately pours me a cup of sake. As soon as I take my first sip, he asks if I was drive. Now, I’m in the process of introducing myself to these other men as they try to pour me a drink. At parties you have a bottomless cup of alcohol.

I finally manage to tell that I need to leave and we say our good byes. They were a really friendly group of men, maybe that with the help of the alcohol they were drinking. As I saying my goodbyes, the man that first offered me a drink had given me a small bottle of local sake.



I never got the chance to go see the pictures at the temple. It was raining that weekend, so that makes moving around challenging.

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