Instameet Shinshu

I organized and held my first Instameet. It was even my first time going to one. Ha!

An instameet is an event where people come together to take pictures and then later share them on Instagram. It is just a fun way for people to meet other Instagramers.

My event was called “Instameet Shinshu” because Nagano used to be the Shinshu Province, before the Meiji Era (I could be wrong) . You still see that name across Nagano, today. I chose this location because it is fairly close to where I live and has some good photo points.

There was about 8 people who participated. That is more then I expected to come. Also, I had hoped some other foreigners besides Joy and I would come, but non came.

Find our pictures on instagram using #im_shinshu.

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