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A few months ago on facebook, I mentioned that I was interested in getting into film photography. I took some photo classes in HS and we used film. So, I do have a basic understanding of film, but all that was like 15 years ago (oh HS was that long ago?). Film photography has been interesting to me lately because of the restrictions of film. I can take thousands of pictures with digital and only use a few. However, with film I can only take 20-30 pictures and maybe only a few will be used, but I have to think more about the picture.

At the end of July/beginning of Aug, someone messaged me saying that they have an old Nikon SLR camera that he would give to me. I told him that I would be interested in it and thought it would be some beat up camera. I was also browsing ebay and the second-hand shops for SLRs. I didn’t want to spend a fortune for a camera that I just wanted to play with and not take back to the US.

The guy messaged me again and he mentioned the camera model, a Nikon FE. Again, I was expecting it to be beat up. I did some research on this model and it looked a lot like the SLR camera I have in the US and haven’t touched in like 10 years. After asking my inlaws to find it and show me a picture of it, it is the same.

I met my friend and he gave me this camera. It is in remarkable condition for being a camera that is nearly 40 years old. A few worn marks on the base and speck (mold?) on the viewfinder. The light trap foam needs replaced, but that is true for any camera this age and that isn’t such a hard thing to do.

I’m looking forward to fixing it up and getting some film for it. It will be fun and challenging to shoot film. I don’t plan on giving up digital but I just want another option for when I take pictures.

Our three cameras. Joy has the Nikon D3100, but she doesn’t use it all that much anymore. The new old Nikon FE and my Fujifilm XM1 mirror-less camera. ┬áThe FE is most certainly the heaviest but also feels so sturdy compared to the other two plastic cameras.


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