Apple Picking


The past few years we have gone mikan picking. Mikans are like Japanese tangerines. This area of Japan isn’t so suitable for mikans, however it is very suitable for apples. So, we decided to go apple picking this year in Tenryukyo. Tenryukyo is about a 30 minute or so train ride from where we are.

We made reservations online and that gave us free samples of their apple cider. The entrance fee for all you can eat apples was ‎¥1,080. However, it was ‎¥1,000 for us since we made a reservation. We also ended up buying a box of cider with two 1 liter bottles for ‎¥900.

Going out and picking and eating the fresh fruit is a nice way to spend some time.

Location: 天龍峡農園


Iida also has cherry, grape, and pear (maybe) that I know of. So it seems we have many different options!

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